tattoo ticket


no physical ticket.

please read the terms below.


thank You for wanting my artworks to be a forever part of You!

before buying a ticket please read the following infos:

1 ticket gives You permission to use 1 of my already existing artworks as a tattoo design. it’s not a ticket for a tattoo-commission slot.

You are not buying the artwork or a physical copy of the artwork or the ticket. this is just a little “tip” for the effort and work I’ve put into the drawing You want to use as a tattoo-design.

buying this ticket doesn’t give You any rights over the artwork nor the exclusive tattoo rights for the artwork You chose. (means others can get the artwork You chose tattooed too)

artworks that I created for others (marked as commissions) are not allowed to be used as tattoo designs. all commissions are marked properly, so if You see a “please do not tattoo” alert it means that the artwork is not free for tattoo usage.

if You are not sure about an artwork feel free to ask me before You purchase a ticket ๐Ÿ™‚

Your tattoo artist may change little details for tattoo suitability but please don’t do any major changes on the artwork.

if a picture of the finished tattoo is posted anywhere You or Your tattoo artist must credit me (gren_art_)

thank You so much for Your support! feel free to show me the neat results, I’d love to see them! ๐Ÿ™‚