about me

dark art that gives a voice to those who cannot speak.

my name is matthew and since I was young I had a deep connection to nature and it’s inhabitants. 

the dark illustrations I create invite people into my world of emotions and thoughts.

I want to create art that people can relate to but in an odd way. I want to reach out to the deepest parts we all buried inside of us, because no one wanted to get to know more about them. I want people to know, that it is ok to feel bad and to talk about stuff no one really likes to talk about. 

I loved drawing ever since I can remember.  my parents always encouraged me and my siblings to develop our skills so drawing became one of my greatest passions and something I wanted to do as a living. 

when I started drawing macabre stuff in my very young ages my mother wasn’t amused at all about it.  she threw away my works,  not because she wanted to be a bad parent, but she was kinda worried and thought she’d be helping this way.  it didn’t really help though, I just loved drawing all the dark stuff and couldn’t stop from doing so, so I decided to hide my drawings from that point on. 

time passed by and when I was 16 I started to lose interest in drawing but developed a new passion for music.  I started my own band and played on several events for some years.  I wanted to be a musician so bad, but it didn’t work out unfortunately. 

after giving up my band I didn’t have any goals for the first time in my life.  I knew I wanted to do something creative, but I couldn’t find the fire that made me keep going anymore.  I lost all my passion and absolutely didn’t know what to do. 

until I discovered digital art in 2019.  I started drawing again and my old passion sparked up inside of me as it was never gone.  I lost most of my skills of course, because I barely drew for ten long years, but it didn’t stop me from enjoying it at all. 

I decided to start sharing my art on social media and the support I got gave me back an old friend of mine: the wish to make a living out of my art. 

in january 2021 I started this journey. and I am so thankful to all of You who gave me back my old fire.

thank You from the bottom of my (he)art

– matt

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You can purchase my dark art illustrations as high quality prints and stickers at my shop. I will add more items in near future so stay tuned!